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Atlas Copco plays key role in Malawi water project

Atlas Copco’s Water for All project in Malawi will bring water to 28 000 locals.

By: Kelly-Ann Prinsloo

Water for All and Atlas Copco bring water to 28 000 Malawians


Unreliability of municipal drinking water supplies

An unreliable drinking water supply has tremendous economic, social and health related consequences for the country and its people.


By: Helgard Muller

We take a look at proven statistics that show how the growing unreliability of municipal drinking water supplies are crippling the population


Health aspects of plumbing

The United Nations declared 2005-2015 the International Decade for Action ‘Water for Life’, setting a world agenda that focuses increased attention on water-related issues. This initiative is of extraordinary importance in a world where preventable diseases related to water and sanitation claim the lives of about 3,1 million people per year, most of them children less than five years old. Of these, about 1,6 million people die each year of diarrheal diseases associated with lack of safe drinking water and adequate sanitation.


How to prevent water-related diseases

It’s World Plumbing Day soon, so celebrate by becoming educated about water-related diseases.

Plenty of communities all over South Africa still rely on untreated water for their daily supply, and often, they have very limited access to adequate sanitation facilities. As a result, these communities are threatened by waterborne and water-washed diseases every day. While access to clean drinking water, proper personal hygiene and adequate sanitation infrastructure are the best ways to prevent these diseases, there are other ways to avoid them.