DIY debris-free drains

Compiled by Daniella Favis for Fix Shack.

With a bit of elbow grease and Sabricon’s Snake Rod Kit, you can make all your home building’s blocked drain disasters vanish. This kit helps you to remove various obstructions in the 90° and 45° bends of your domestic pipes.


Quick toilet fix

Compiled by Daniella Favis for Fix Shack’s Home Inspirations. Sources: For Dummies, The Home Depot and Home-Dzine.

Has your home building’s toilet sprung a leak? Here’s how to go about fixing it, DIY.

If you’ve dropped some food colouring in your toilet tank, and it’s seeped into your toilet bowl without flushing, you have a leak. Either there’s a leak around one of your tank bolts, or your spud-washer has sprung a leak - these often deteriorate over time due to hard water and mineral build-ups. Here’s how to go about fixing both problems:


Saving Water in the home

imagesWater is not one of South Africa’s wealthiest minerals. However, contributing to reduce the water crisis in South Africa may seem overwhelming for some individuals. One of the largest factors causing the water crisis is the low rainfall of 464mm, South Africa receives in comparison to the rest of the world.  


Toilet and shower maintenance

seal-bath-heroBathroom maintenance involves more than just a general clean. Such maintenance is necessary to avoid expensive damages and repairs. When doing bathroom maintenance, shower and toilet should always be on top of your list