CPA starts biting – beware!


A local retail wholesaler is being sued for R22 million under the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) for lack of safety involving non-compliant ladders.


While it may be ladders involved here, this case shouldn’t be brushed off, as the issue (and risks) involves products across the board. The National Consumer Council is saying ‘enough is enough’ and are starting to clamp down on CPA violations in all industries.

With this case, it is irrelevant if the case is won or not, the important thing is that people are becoming more aware of their own health and safety and will be using the CPA more and more. The CPA is starting to bite and those who continue to bring in non-compliant products, should know that you are now trading ‘recklessly’. This doesn’t only apply to wholesalers, but designers and installers as well.

People are practising trades that they are not qualified for as upheld in our constitution and this is putting others’ health and safety at risk. It will no longer be tolerated – so beware!

Our intent is not to have a go at retailers, but just to highlight once again the risks involved with violating the CPA.

Times are changing; make sure you are on the right side of the law.