Top 9 ways you can Save Water as a South African

Water is our most precious commodity, and it is time our generation start making it a priority to prevent wasted, build a better future for South Africa. How can you help save water and still leave the same lifestyle?

1. Watering the Garden

Use a drip irrigation system instead of a hose or sprinkler to water your garden. If don’t have access to one, then have your garden watered by hand with a misting setting on the hose end, this can reduce your water usage by half compared to sprinklers. Longer grass keeps more moisture and requires less water.

2. Limit the use of your Dishwasher

Dishwashers can waste so much water if you run it when it is not full. A way to prevent this is to wash your dishes by hand if you don’t have a full load, or make sure the dish washer is full before use. A handy tip is to check the washer straight after use, this way any dishes with markings can be wiped rather than running the cycle again.

3. Using the Sink

When using the sink in the bathroom or kitchen, stop the flow of water while busy and then proceed to rinse off as required.

4. Shaving

If you shave in the shower, or sink remember the same applies here. Fill up a small amount of water for rinsing the shaver and only use following water when rinsing off.

5. Miss use of the Toilet

Every time you flush the toilet, you waste up to 35 litres of water. So why not just flush when necessary?

6. Car Wash

This may be hard for us city folks, but if you have a lawn, Wash your car on it! Use Biodegradable soap and a bucket of water. Only turn on the hose for the final rinse. Your car will be clean, your lawn will be fed, and by doing this you know you did a lot to help the environment.

7. Leaky Toilets & Piping

If you notice a leaky pipe, faucet, or toilet, get it fixed immediately. A leaky toilet, for example, can waste up to 700 Litres of water a DAY. Turn off your water supply until you fix the issue. Use one of our IOPSA approved plumbers or view our What to do on Leaks

8. Bathtime! Bathtime is no longer Funtime. It wastes an unnecessary amount of water. An average shower uses 1/5 the amount of water that is needed for a bath!

9. Using the Toilet as a Garbage Can- Do Not Do This! Throw out everything in a garbage can, even if it is tempting to just throw it in the toilet. Tissues, Hair, and Bugs are things that people generally throw away in the toilet, but they will be disposed if thrown away in the garbage can as well.

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