Do you have a Leak?

leaking pipe

What should you do if you require leak detection?

Step 1 - Check yourself.

If you suspect you have a leaking pipe on your property, firstly isolate all taps, mixers and any device that may use water on your property.

Step 2 - Observe your meter

water metersFind and check the water meter on your property. If the meter is turning then there may be a leak on the property. Depending on the size of the leak the meter and the calibration for the water meter, the water meter may not be turning.

Step 3 - Record your observations

In some case the leak on the property is so small and depending on the calibration of the water meter, the water meter may not be turning. In this case take note of the water meter reading. Do not use any water for a period of 1 hour and after the hour retake the meter reading. If there is a difference in the reading you may have a leak (see Step 3 to continue).

Step 4 - Call in a Leak Detection Specialist

If you do see the water usage moving or are unsure please contact a leak detection specialist plumber, the Institute of plumbing has a list of registed plumbers who are qualified to complete the job.

Why use a Leak Detector?

They have access to the right equipment to find out what is causing the leak or loss of water. They have industry experience and the correct knowledge and tools to fix the issue. 

Using an Institute registered plumber?

The Insitute of Plumbing South Africa has a list of over 700 current members all over South Africa, view our qualified plumbers who can help you with Leak Detection.