Having Geyser Issues


What to do if you are having issues with your Electrical Geyser

Step 1 - Identifying the problem

You need to find out if the issue is caused by your geyser, this could be signs of no hot water, hot water runs out to fast, the water pressure is very low, or you may have an increase in your electricity bill. If you see water coming through the ceiling, firstly, switch off the water supply to the property.

Step 2 - Once you have identified a problem

Switch off electrical power to the geyser, or stop your supply of gas to the geyser

Step 3 - Opening all faucets

Open all faucets to drain the water to relieve pressure in the geyser and reduce the amount of water coming out of the geyser.


Step 4 - Contact your insurance

If it is a burst geyser, contact your insurance for them to send out an Institute registered plumber to assess the problem. Alternatively, your insurance company will pay you out an amount less than your excess and you get your own registered plumber.

Step 5 - Using an IOPSA registered Plumber

If you are having issues with your electrical geyser or gas geyser you should call an institute registered plumber to fix the problem, they can also help you install a new geyser if required. View a list of our 500 members who can assist you