What Kind Of Plumber Do You Call Upon?

January 31, 2024

What Kind Of Plumber Do You Call Upon?

Simply put there are two kinds of plumbers one you can rely on and you will have no need to call
back to fix the job he had ‘originally fixed’ or the one who charges incredibly low prices is not
qualified as a “plumber” and will rip you off if you can get hold of them after they have messed up
your plumbing job. There is a third one but is not the plumber but the husband/DIYer who thinks
plumbing is easy. Once finished they must call in the qualified plumber to (a) repair the mess
created by the DIYer and then (b) fix the plumbing problem!

Let’s get rid of the negatives first

The unqualified plumber cares or knows nothing about your health and safety that he/she is
responsible for. YES the plumber is responsible for health and safety and that of you and your family.
They know nothing about the disease that is caused by incorrect plumbing, water pressure,
hydraulics and the damage that boiling hot water can do to you. He just wants your money and runs
to catch another consumer who also works on price only.

So if you work on price alone you are your own worst enemy.

Let's look at the positives

You must pay a fair price for work to be done according to the plumbing regulations that are
compulsory by a qualified plumber. A plumber is not an idiot who could not get a degree but a
skilled craftsman with knowledge learned over three or four years under the guidance and direction
of an experienced plumber. He/she therefore is entitled to ask a fair price for work done. The
regulations ensure that he/she does the work according to tried and tested methods that are
continually improving as materials become more sophisticated.

Such a plumber will show you his qualification by virtue of his/her membership ofvoluntary body
like the Institute of Plumbing SA (IOPSA) and/or the Plumbing Industry Registration Board (PIRB)

These are voluntary bodies so common sense does show that plumbers and plumbing companies are
prepared to put their reputations on the line. Because some qualified plumbers choose not to
belong to such voluntary bodies does not make them poor but one needs to check their

MORAL: don’t skimp on the HEALTH & SAFETY of you and your family it is not just unblocking a
drain but moving away waste that can, if allowed to linger longer, will cause disease to spread. Even
the installation of a ‘geyser’ or hot water storage vessel must be done correctly, failing which it could
explode and cause untold damage and death.


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January 31, 2024
What Kind Of Plumber Do You Call Upon?
Simply put there are two kinds of plumbers – one you can rely on and you will have no need […]
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